Psychonomics Poster 2015 – Eye Tracking and Metacomprehension

Aaron Wong will be presenting his poster at Psychonomics in Chicago in a few weeks. Here is the title and abstract:

Eye Tracking Metacomprehension

Studies have found that metacomprehension accuracy tends to be poor due to the use of inappropriate cues when making metacomprehension judgments. e situation model approach to metacomprehension suggests that judgments based on cues at the situation model level would result in high metacomprehension accuracy. However, the current methods of assessing metacomprehension accuracy make it difficult to determine if readers use cues generated during reading for making judgments. One potential method of determining whether online cues are used is to use an implicit measure, such as eye movements. In particular, regressions are theorized to occur when there are difficulties integrating new information with the existing situation model. e current study assessed whether eye movements could be used as an implicit measure of metacomprehension. Participants either read texts once or reread texts while their eye movements were recorded. Number of regressions was found to be a significant predictor of test performance, and other eye tracking measures were also examined in relation to test performance and metacomprehension judgments. endings suggest that eye movements can be used as an implicit measure of metacomprehension.

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